Welcome! In this blog, I share what has worked best for me during a decade of teaching in inner city schools using Comprehensible Input. I’ve figured out how to take best practices from the field of language acquisition and apply them to teaching children in all environments in order to get the best results for kids.

Online Trainings and Class Schedule – Classroom Management for CI Classes:

Enrollment for July 2020 Classroom Management course is NOW OPEN!

Classes will start July 7th and last 4 weeks. Each week, participants will get a 60 minute training video to watch accompanied by a power point and handout. Then, there will be a live Q and A via video chat with me and the other participants to digest the video and bring any questions to the group to help trouble shoot your classroom management needs. The live Q and A happens every Tuesday (7/7, 7/14, 7/21, and 7/28) at 7pm eastern time.

Sign up here: https://ci-liftoff.teachable.com/p/classroom-management-for-ci-classrooms32311111121/?preview=logged_out

We will virtually “meet” for Q and A once a week on Tuesday nights and cover topics on:

– How to get kids to stop blurting out
– How to get kids to stop talking over you
– How to get kids academically invested into Language class
– How to lesson plan effectively to better manage your “rowdy” classroom
– How get apathetic / shy kids engaged in class

And much, MUCH more!

We see video examples, analyses, actual lesson plans geared towards classroom management, and etc… all based in the experiences I’ve had as a CI teacher in the inner city for almost a decade.

You WILL walk away from this session with tangible, bite-sized strategies that you can implement immediately to get results.

It’s $130 for the course (4 hours worth of instruction plus 4 hours of live Q and A to equal 8 hours of total PD), and you can pay in monthly installments.

You can also earn university credit through the University of the Pacific.

All sessions are recorded and class members have access to the recordings in case you miss a session. So if you miss a live Q and A, you can watch it later at your convenience. AND, you get access to all videos for infinity!


“Jon’s class totally revolutionized my roughest class! First year with CI, new school, rotten kid sub-cultures. I can’t thank you enough Jon and Tina, for helping my biggest challenges become much more manageable!!” – Nate Beuttenmueller

Sending you a long overdue “thank you” for taking the time to speak with me over the phone a few weeks ago about La Persona Especial interviews. I was able to use your feedback during my first ever Weekend Chat activity this Monday – it went so smoothly!
Also wanted to tell you how HELPFUL your CI Classroom Management class has been. I was able to immediately implement several of your routines and tips in my own classroom. These big and small changes have already made a difference in my classroom management and environment. MUCH appreciated during this tough month of March!
Here’s to a successful last quarter!
– Jessica Sanchez

I highly recommend Jon’s course. It’s unique because Jon is an actual teacher in addition to an instructional coach. This means you’re getting both his own, first-hand classroom experience, as well as his coaching knowledge and his observations from other teachers’ classrooms. The course was very organized and each week left me inspired and full of ideas, even ones I was able to implement the very next day. Jon is very patient and the small cohort size enables him to work with you in a more personalized way- you’re not just another name on an email blast. He shares strategies that help you structure each part of your class and he even provides videos from his own classroom and those of his teachers so you’re immediately able to see these techniques in action. All sessions are recorded and come with notes, which are available to you forever- I know that I’ll be watching our recorded sessions & going over my notes in August for a refresher! Lastly, and probably my favorite aspect of the class, is Jon’s approachability as a leader who’s actually “been there,” and the camaraderie formed within the cohort. I found it so encouraging for Jon to share his ups & downs and to be able to connect with colleagues from around the country. As world language teachers, we often don’t have as many choices for subject-specific professional development, or perhaps our departments are small and we have fewer opportunities for collaboration. Jon’s course alleviates both of those problems and I feel strongly that it was a positive investment in my teaching career. – Shari Hewes

“Much like any CI-focused PD, this course did not disappoint. The course is tailored to the needs of YOUR classroom. It helped to solidify what I was already doing and being able to interact with others allowed me to add more classroom management tools to my repertoire. My classroom now runs so much smoother than before and I am seeing a reduction in major discipline issues.” – Ginger Davidson

“I’m so grateful Martina Bex steered me to Jon Cowart. It was what I needed- badly. I have been slowly attempting to apply CI with Tina H and Peto’s advice…and the many self defeating class management habits seemed to pop up. I have been teaching for 20 years. I have had plenty of time to learn bad habits and feel hopeless. Jon’s tips and pointed reminders seemed too basic, too slow. But, as a mom of teens and preteens, I kept thinking, if a teacher did this with my kids, they would respond well. So I started from scratch. I insisted to be consistent. My motivation was them, their growth, their confidence, their safety. It was painful at times. Students test the consistency. They are comforted by it though. My smile, my welcome is new everymorning. In their volitile world, few things remain the same. I didn’t want my class to be another place they can’t trust. Recently, I had one of my students move. He was one of the most challenging students I have had. Constantly interrupting, did little work, mocked and intimidated other students. I found myself calling mom, principals, and counselors consantly. Jon’s call to be ‘present’ rang in my ears. A few weeks after the boy moved, his peers ran in my class after school with the phone on speaker mode, “X wants to talk to you!” This boy, who I thought would hate me, called to tell me he missed me and wondered how I was doing. We had a sweet talk. I left humbled. Mr. Cowart- thank you for your call to consistency, to clarity, to compassion. So basic, but such a needed reminder. You didn’t just call for it, you gave me practical steps to implement it. May many more teachers be encouraged not to give up!” – OmYoussef from California

This class is a MUST! Everyone should take it!!!

In 30+ years of teaching I have never had such an effective and detailed “on the job training!” Jon teaches not only frameworks and skills, but actual progressions and planning. In addition to his skillful instruction and listening, he’s generous in sharing samples from his own lesson plans so we can see how to break up the period more effectively.

I took his fall session in November and decided to focus on economy of language. “Voices off” is a magical command that I had never heard before! Now it is front and center on my rule poster! In addition to the written rule, I’ve learned about register from Jon. How did I not know about register? No wonder my students seemed confused…I’d command attention in the same sing songy voice I use for story asking or general social chatting. Hm.

His “chunking” technique is so helpful for classes that can’t handle much (if any) interaction. Using pencil and paper to “stop and jot” during anything interactive (PQA, weekend chat, etc.) has made a big difference in some of my hard-to-focus classes.

I loved the weekly format  because we could choose skills to practice in class and report back. The best part (besides all the other best parts… live chatting, outlines and handouts) was that we got to see teachers in action demonstrating the techniques and having to think on their feet. This was priceless and not something that is easily replicable in a conference setting.

I feel more confident in my classroom because I have a whole set of tools just a quick click away. Plus Jon now has a blog! I’ll continue to learn from this series for a long time. I’m cleaning it up one skill at a time!- Jen Schongalla

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  1. I’m saving this post. Thanks so much. It is very enriching and you’re right on target. It is also great material to share with my administrators.


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