September 2020 Classroom Management Course

Enrollment for my September 2020 Classroom Management course is now open! Click here:

The course is 4 weeks. Every week you will watch a recorded 70 minute video, read supplemental materials, engage in a discussion thread, and then attend a live Q and A session with me to digest it all. But, this course is designed for working adults to work through it at your own pace, so EVERYTHING is recorded, and it’s 100% ok if you can’t do all the assignments on time (there’s no grade, this is just for your development). If you can’t attend the live session, no worries, you can watch the recording at a later date that works for you.

The course is every Tuesday at 6pm central to 7pm central. The sessions will be 9/8, 9/15, 9/22, and 9/28.

I’ve offered this course as PD for the past 2 years, and it’s helped a lot of World Language Teachers who use CI and want to improve with classroom management. In the course, we tackle:

• Building investment and buy-in from students

• Building relationships

• How to facilitate whole group conversation while still maintaining structure and order

• Strategies to use for your your hardest-to-manage classes.

• How to handle bathroom, cell phones, blurting out, side conversations, and all the other annoyances that throw us off as teachers.

• And much more!

I know with Covid a lot of us won’t see kids for a while, but when we do, resetting expectations around culture and management will be a MUST. With this course, everything is recorded and you have access to the materials for infinity, or whenever we go back 📷😉

Here’s some testimonials from past participants:

“Jon’s class totally revolutionized my roughest class! First year with CI, new school, rotten kid sub-cultures. I can’t thank you enough Jon and Tina, for helping my biggest challenges become much more manageable!!” – Nate Beuttenmueller

“I wanted to tell you how HELPFUL your CI Classroom Management class has been. I was able to immediately implement several of your routines and tips in my own classroom. These big and small changes have already made a difference in my classroom management and environment. MUCH appreciated during this tough month of March!”
Here’s to a successful last quarter! – Jessica Sanchez

Jon is very patient and the small cohort size enables him to work with you in a more personalized way- you’re not just another name on an email blast. He shares strategies that help you structure each part of your class and he even provides videos from his own classroom and those of his teachers so you’re immediately able to see these techniques in action. All sessions are recorded and come with notes, which are available to you forever! – Shari Hws

“Much like any CI-focused PD, this course did not disappoint. The course is tailored to the needs of YOUR classroom. It helped to solidify what I was already doing and being able to interact with others allowed me to add more classroom management tools to my repertoire. My classroom now runs so much smoother than before and I am seeing a reduction in major discipline issues.” – Ginger Davidson

The course is 8 total hours of PD for $130, and you can do payments of $33/mo. Also, I partner with the University of the Pacific to offer university credit, if you’re interested. Teachers in school districts across the country have successfully used my course to meet their PD requirements.

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