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I wanted to update you on what I’ve been doing since my last blog post and explain why I haven’t blogged in 3 months. It’s because I decided to write a book. Yes, it was a crazy thought that someone suggested I do years ago, and I finally took the plunge. I want to use this blog post to promote the book and tell you a little bit about what is in it.

If you don’t know me, I taught Spanish for 10 years, 8 of which were spent in urban school settings. During my first few years of teaching, I NEVER had any training on how to manage a classroom. Consequently, my classroom was a hot mess. On good days, students would loudly and chaotically participate in my TPRS stories, and we’d have some good moments of bonding and CI input. But even on those good days, I was TIRED. My head hurt from the noise, and my body ached from the moving around. And, to make things worse, those “good days” didn’t happen a lot. On my bad days, kids cussed, threw things, fought, or worse.

Then, I went to a new school that gave me EXPLICIT classroom management training and help. I got PD with concrete management strategies that I had never heard of. Things like “where to stand … how to give directions … how to give redirections without getting arguments… etc.” It was great stuff that helped my classrooms immediately, and I was grateful.

However, I still had a lingering issue. Many of these strategies were meant for more traditional-looking classrooms. They assumed that students sat in desks with a textbook and did a lot of independent reading. As we know, CI classrooms are anything BUT that. So I spent the next 5 years at that school mastering good management techniques while simultaneously “making it my own.” I merged best practices from CI trainings with what I was getting, and then some magic started truly happening in my class.

That’s why I wrote this book. I tried to capture all of my best stories, thoughts, and frameworks that have worked for me and create a manual for all of us to use that will help. I sincerely hope it helps you, and I openly accept feedback and reviews to make my work even more impactful and meaningful for you.

Here are some snapshots of the book:

“A must have book have book … It is amazing!” – Bertha Delgaldillo

“I LOVE your book.” – Shirley Rosenau

“If you’ve ever struggled with classroom management, I’d HIGHLY recommend Jon Cowart’s book.  I took his online course toward the end of the last school year and his tips made my last marking period dramatically better than the 1st three. “ – Josh Rooke

“Took copious notes and am scripting out my first week.  The ideas and techniques are useful and great.”  – Carla Tarini

“It’s amazing!” – Adriana Ortiz Welborn

You can purchase the book by following these steps:

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  • Click here:
  • Pay $35, and I will email you the eBook.
  • **Make sure to include your preferred email in PayPal, some emails in there are old and don’t work and then I’ll have to track you down.**
  • (If you’ve taken my class before, tell me when you took it so I can verify it on teachable, and you only need to send $17).

Option 2

  • Click here:

Classroom Management for the CI Classroom Ebook Jon Cowart

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