Dale! Like musical chairs, but with fingers and stories.

Here’s a fun activity to keep kids’ attention while you tell stories. It’s called “Dale!”.

  1. Have students stand in a circle around the room, a little more than shoulder link apart.
  2. Students’ left hand should be the index finger pointing downwards.
  3. Right hand should be laid out flat, palm up.
  4. Students put their left index finger onto the palm of the right hand of the person standing next to them.
  5. Then, teacher talks in target language about whatever, but whenever you yell “Dale!” (or the equivalent in your language), students have to simultaneously pull their left finger up while trying to grab the finger that’s in their right palm. (Pictures and video below for reference).

6. After each “round”, the students who get their fingers caught by another student sit down and are “eliminated”. (You don’t have to play elimination if you don’t want to).

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